Saturday, December 22, 2012

Free Download Frontline Magazine 28 December 2012


Here is the current Issue of Frontline Magazine 28 December 2012 available Free Download and few of its contents are as follows,


·        Duplicity In The Durbar

·        Assembly Elections

·        Gujarat: Vote And Drought

·        Congress: Ticket And Tantrums

·        Shield In The Sky

·        The Rationale For More Ranges

·        Agriculture: Sugarcane Farmers’ Woes: Millers’ Market

·        Wildlife: Tiger Tales

·        Livelihood Issues: Mannargudi: Mines Of Concern

·        Delhi University: Teachers’ Resistance

·        A Democratic Process

·        Obituary: I.K. Gujral: Gentleman Politician

·        Social Media: Cyber Challenge

·        In A Hurry To Act

·        Egypt: Troubled Transition

·        United Kingdom: Media Under Fire

·        West Asia: Israel: A Law Unto Itself

·        Silence For Gaza

·        C.P. Chandrasekhar: ‘Vulture Funds’ That Feed On Sovereign Debt

·        K. Satchidanandan: Of Resistance And Loss

·        Jayati Ghosh: Mexico’S Challenge

·        Sashi Kumar: Net Worth



Download Frontline Magazine 28 December 2012

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