Saturday, December 1, 2012

Free Download Frontline Magazine 14-December-2012 Issue


Here is the current Issue of Frontline Magazine dated 14-December-2012 available for free download and few of its contents are,


·        Telecommunication: 2g Spectrum: Auction Farce

·        Social Issues: Caste Fury In Tamil Nadu

·        Interview: R. Lilly, District Collector, Dharmapuri

·        Double Disadvantage

·        Conservation: Tiger And Tourism

·        Heritage: Buddhism: Signs Of Revival

·        Art: Vipul Kumar: Modern And Masterly

·        Nucler Issues: Uranium Mines In Andhra Pradesh

·        From Ore To Yellow Cake Rich Deposits

·        Jammu & Kashmir: Living On The Edge

·        Mohammad Yusuf Tarigami: Evolve A Common Ground

·        Kerala: Greenspace” On Floodplain Fishing

·        Obituary: Bal Thackeray: Proud & Prejudiced

·        Interview: Jayant Lele, Political Analyst

·        Terrorism: Hasty Hanging Of Kasab

·        A President’S Pardon

·        Breach Of Procedure

·        China: Smooth Transition

·        Arms Baszaar: U.S. Sales And Clients

·        U.S.: The Petraeus Affair: A Sexist Tradition

·        Essay: Dissent In American

·        Wings Of Wax




Download here Frontline Magazine 1-14 December 2012

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