Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Free Download Current Issue of Frontline Magazine 30th November 2012


Here Is The Current Issue Of Frontline Magazine 30-Nov-2012 Issue Available For Free Download And Few Of Its Contents Are


·        Himachal Pradesh: Vote On Issues

·        Gujarat: Claims On Test

·        Governance: Cabinet Reshuffle: Corporate Hand

·        Politics: Nitin Gadkari: Dubious Dealings ‘Spoilt Child’

·        Right To Information: Mixed Signals

·        Infrastructure: Delhi Airport Metro Line: End Of The Line?

·        Heritage: Eastern Embrace

·        Interview: Duncan Green, Senior Strategic Adviser With Oxfam Gb: ‘For Robust Regulation Of Financial Markets’

·        Literature: Ben Okri: Painter Of Secrets

·        Public Health: Japanese Encephalitis: Combating A Killer

·        Sports: Indian Grand Prix: Success Formula

·        Syria: Syrian Syndrome

·        Sudan: Stealthy Strike

·        Bhutan: Landlocked Beauty

·        United States: In The Name Of Security

·        Obituary: Han Suyin: Her House Had Two Doors

·        From The Archives: A Conversation With Han Suyin

·        U.S. Elections: Second Coming

·        C.P. Chandrasekhar: Lost In Transition

·        Jayati Ghosh: Demonising Dissent


               Source: Thehindu.Com


Download here this issue

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