Sunday, October 7, 2012

Free download Kurukshetra Magazine June 2012 Issue here


Free download Kurukshetra Magazine June 2012 Issue here and contents of this issue are as follows


·        Environmental degradation, Climate Change And Effect On Agriculture

·        Environment And Economic Development: A Correlation

·        Promoting Rural sanitation For A Better Environment In Rural India

·        Wheat Production In India Under Changing Scenario Of Global warming

·        Agriculture & Climate Change

·        Environmental protection: Important Tips For The Development Of Agroforestry

·        Environmental challenges & Issues Of Indian Agriculture

·        From The Ground Community Efforts To Save Forests 

·        MGNREGS: A Tool for Sustainable Environment

·        Prospects Of Organic Aquaculture In India

·        From The Ground Status Of Paraja Women

·        Doctor Farmer Broccoli :  A Vegetable That Fights Cancer


Download here Hindi version of this Issue   


Download here English version of this Issue


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