Sunday, October 7, 2012

Free Download Frontline Magazine 5th October 2012 Issue


Free download Frontline Magazine 5th October 2012 Issue here and few of its contents are


·        In the service of capital

·        For the sake of foreign investments

·        Structural imbalance

·        Long way from Avadi

·        Workers: Bearing the brunt

·        Live Bites: Victim speak

·        State, private property and the Supreme Court

·        Maharashtra: Tracking malnutrition

·        New Delhi: Textbook case

·        Tamil Nadu: Unpalatable truth

·        New Delhi: Air pocket

·        Wildlife: Killer drug

·        The Judiciary

·        Profile: Altamas Kabir, the next CJI

·        South Africa: Ripples of Marikana

·        United Kingdom: Charity begins at home

·        Palestine: Getting away with murder

·        Sri Lanka: The Buddhist trail

·        Russia: Eastward push


Download here this Issue




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