Friday, September 21, 2012

Free download Kurukshetra May 2012 magazine


Here is Kurukshetra May 2012 magazine available for free download and few of its contents are as follows


·        Rural Tourism Path To Economic & Regional Developmentin India

·        Farmbased Ruraltourisminkerala

·        Rural Tourism– Aglobal View

·        Enlarging Thepotential Ofrural Tourism In India

·        Tourism : An Engineto Economic Growth In The Rural Economy Of Himachal Pradesh

·        Agritourism: Aninnovative Income Generationavenue

·        ICT: Acatalytic Intervention Forempoweringrural India

·        Rural Solid Waste Management: Issues Andaction

·        Rggvy: Turningthe Wheel Of Rural India

·        Hydroponics: Aboon For Increased Agricultural Production  In Climate Change Era

·        Hi-Tech Technology Forcultivation  Of Some Vegetables In Soil-Less Culture

·        Agro-Metadvisory Services Forthe Farmers

·        Doctor Farmer  Mentha: Amedicinal Plant Asha


Download here this Issue





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