Friday, September 21, 2012

Free download Kurukshetra May 2012 magazine


Here is Kurukshetra May 2012 magazine available for free download and few of its contents are as follows


·        Rural Tourism Path To Economic & Regional Developmentin India

·        Farmbased Ruraltourisminkerala

·        Rural Tourism– Aglobal View

·        Enlarging Thepotential Ofrural Tourism In India

·        Tourism : An Engineto Economic Growth In The Rural Economy Of Himachal Pradesh

·        Agritourism: Aninnovative Income Generationavenue

·        ICT: Acatalytic Intervention Forempoweringrural India

·        Rural Solid Waste Management: Issues Andaction

·        Rggvy: Turningthe Wheel Of Rural India

·        Hydroponics: Aboon For Increased Agricultural Production  In Climate Change Era

·        Hi-Tech Technology Forcultivation  Of Some Vegetables In Soil-Less Culture

·        Agro-Metadvisory Services Forthe Farmers

·        Doctor Farmer  Mentha: Amedicinal Plant Asha


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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yojana June 2012 Issue free download


Free Download Yojana June 2012 Issue here and few of its contents are as follows


·        Rethinking policy on child sex ratios
ncw: twenty years of empowering women

·        Stree shakti

·        Empowering women in agriculture

·        Empowered women, empowered nation

·        Women's empowerment across indian states

·        Women and panchayati raj

·        Some facts about domestic violence act, 2005

·        Women self help groups

·        Pearl in the sand – tara devi

·        Electric painting brush

·        Amending archaic laws to empower women


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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pratiyogita Darpan September-August 2012 issue free to read online


Here is the current issue of Pratiyogita Darpan September-August 2012 available to read online for free and few of its contents are as follows


Inauguration of 30th Olympic Games in London

Indo-China Relations: A complicated Phase

India and Myanmar :new Initiatives

Dare to Dream and Turn Dreams into Realities

Nuclear Arms Control and Disarmament

SAARC and Economic Co-operation in South Asia

Fundamental Rights: An Overview

SSB: For Three Wings of the Armed Forces What? How? and Why?

Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

New & Renewable Energy

National Water policy 2012



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Free Download Frontline Magazine 21st September 2012 Issue


Here is the current issue of Frontline Magazine 21st September 2012 available for free download and few of its contents are as follows


Scandal: Coal Fire

Managing Bids

Seeing A Sellout

Civil Aviation: Dubious Concessions

The Armed Forces: The Stress Factor

Media: Ratings Row

Public Health: Maternal Mortality: A Battle Half Won

RTI: Setting Limits

Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Supreme Court’S Positive Intervention

Reservation: Promotion Justice In Government Service

Railways: Ailing Behemoth

Cricket: V.V.S. Laxman: A Selfless Cricketer

Terrorism: Ajmal Kasab: Close To The Gallows

Update: Gujarat: Triumph Of Justice

Social Tension: The Ncm Report: Identity Crisis

Interview: Wajahat Habibullah, Chairman, Ncm

China: The Trial Of Gu Kailai

U.K.: The Julian Assange Case: Asylum & Stand-Off

Ecuador: Rallying Support For Assange

Syria: Raging Conflict

South Africa: Massacre Of Miners

Bangladesh: Battle Over A Bank

Heritage: Cambodia: Restoring A Monument

Obituary: Neil Armstrong: Reluctant Hero Apollo & After

Meles Zenawi: End Of A Strongman



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Monday, September 3, 2012

Free Download Frontline Magazine 7th September 2012 issue


Here is the current Issue of Frontline magazine available for free download and some of its contents are as follows


·        Politics: Anna And Ramdev: New Calculations

·        Stirring The NDA Nest

·        West Bengal: Zero Tolerance

·        Gjm Sweep

·        Public Health: Managed Care

·        Family Planning & Built-In Violence

·        Environment: Alang: Welcome To Waste

·        Essay: Sir Chimanlal Setalvad: A Neglected Hero

·        Letters To The Editor

·        Social Issues: Nutt Community: Challenging A Custom

·        Nomadic Past

·        Cinema: Osian Film Festival

·        Scandal: Granite Loot In Madurai

·        Novel Ways To Grab Land

·        Monuments In Peril

·        Celac: South Meets South

·        Egypt: The Sinai Test

·        Syria: A Tale Of Two Cities

·        United States: Interest In Africa

·        Travel: Celebrating Peace In Northern Ireland

·        Obituary: Alexander Cockburn: A Punk Writer

·        Science: Milestone On Mars ‘Seven Minutes Of Terror’

·        Landing Technologies

·        Olympics: British Spectacle

·        The Silver Lining


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