Sunday, August 19, 2012

Free Download Kurushetra Magazine May 2012 Issue (useful for Civil Services Mains)


Here is the Kurukshetra Magazine May 2012 Issue Available for Free Download useful for Civil Services Mains Examination and following are the contents of this Issue



·       Rural Tourism Path To Economic & Regional Development In India

·       Farm Based Rural Tourism In Kerala

·       Rural Tourism– A global View

·       Enlarging The potential Of rural Tourism In India

·       Tourism : An Economic Growth In The Rural Economy Of Himachal Pradesh

·       Agritourism: An innovative Income Generation

·       ICT: A catalytic Intervention For empowering rural India

·       Rural Solid Waste Management: Issues And action

·       RGGVY: Turning the Wheel Of Rural India

·       Hydroponics: A boon For Increased agricultural Production In Climate change era

·       Hi-Tech Technology For cultivation Of Some Vegetables In Soil-Less Culture

·       Agro-Met advisory Services For the Farmers


Download here this Issue

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