Friday, July 20, 2012

Free Download Frontline magazine 27th July 2012 Issue


Here is the current issue of Frontline Magazine 27-July-2012 and some of its contents are as follows,


The Higgs Hunt

Presidential Election: Pranab’S Progress

Pratibha’S Legacy

Scandal: Adarsh Society: Towards Trial

Maharashtra: The Unwanted Girl Child

National Mindset

Economy: Rbi: Borrowing Time

Interview: Yashwant Singh, Former Union Finance Minister

Civil Aviation: Losing Authority

Architecture: Inclusive Spaces Of Delhi

Cinema: Silent Origins Of Tamil Cinema

Television: Digital Attack

Essay: Fateful ‘Note’ On China

Public Health: Health Workers Left Out In The Cold

Tb: Virulent Comeback

Controversy: Chhattisgarh: Firing In The Dark

Radiation: A Dose Of Hope

West Asia: The Syria-Turkey Standoff

Egypt: Long Way To Go

Controversy: Targeting Julian Assange

Pakistan: Grim Prognosis

Paraguay: Velvet Coup

Bangladesh: A Refugee Influx From Myanmar

Portals Of Research

Interview: Sreeram Chaulia, Executive Director, Cggp

Popular Trainer

Interview: A.K. Mishra, Managing Director, Chanakya Ias Academy

Interview: Suneel Galgotia, Chancellor, Galgotias University


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