Friday, July 20, 2012

Free Download Frontline magazine 27th July 2012 Issue


Here is the current issue of Frontline Magazine 27-July-2012 and some of its contents are as follows,


The Higgs Hunt

Presidential Election: Pranab’S Progress

Pratibha’S Legacy

Scandal: Adarsh Society: Towards Trial

Maharashtra: The Unwanted Girl Child

National Mindset

Economy: Rbi: Borrowing Time

Interview: Yashwant Singh, Former Union Finance Minister

Civil Aviation: Losing Authority

Architecture: Inclusive Spaces Of Delhi

Cinema: Silent Origins Of Tamil Cinema

Television: Digital Attack

Essay: Fateful ‘Note’ On China

Public Health: Health Workers Left Out In The Cold

Tb: Virulent Comeback

Controversy: Chhattisgarh: Firing In The Dark

Radiation: A Dose Of Hope

West Asia: The Syria-Turkey Standoff

Egypt: Long Way To Go

Controversy: Targeting Julian Assange

Pakistan: Grim Prognosis

Paraguay: Velvet Coup

Bangladesh: A Refugee Influx From Myanmar

Portals Of Research

Interview: Sreeram Chaulia, Executive Director, Cggp

Popular Trainer

Interview: A.K. Mishra, Managing Director, Chanakya Ias Academy

Interview: Suneel Galgotia, Chancellor, Galgotias University


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Friday, July 6, 2012

Free Download Frontline Magazine 13th July 2012


Here is the Current Issue of Frontline Magazine 13th July 2012  available for free download and few of its contents are as follows


·        Governance: Aadhaar: A Tale Of Errors

·        Interview: A.K. Sinha, Chariman, Atomic Energy Commission

·        Essay: A Nehru’S Dissent On China

·        Conservation: Bread And Buffer

·        Industry: Leather: Best Foot Forward

·        Interview: Rafeeq Ahmed, Fieo President

·        Intellectual Property Rights: Digital-Era Rights

·        Creators Get Their Due In Music Industry

·        Obituary: Dipankar Mukherjee: A Life Of Struggle

·        Politics: Presidential Race

·        Andhra Pradesh Byelections A Game-Changer

·        Kerala: Loss By Self-Goal

·        Update: Singur: Setback For Mamata

·        Egypt: Arab Winter

·        Greece: Staying With Euro

·        United States: A Chance To Dream

·        U.S. & India: Moving Closer

·        Argentia And The U.K.: Battle For Oil In The Falklands

·        Travel: Mesmerising Cape

·        Literature: Marx In Manto

·        Obituary: Mehdi Hasan: Master Of Ghazal

·        Teofilo Stevenson: A Boxing Legend


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