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Current Affairs - II (Sept 2011 - Oct 2011)


Science & Tech

PSLV-C18 puts 4 satellites in orbit on October 12th the four payloads details are as follows
1.      Megha-Tropiques :
·        Megha in Sanskrit means cloud and Tropiques in French means Tropics.

·        Built by India and France to understand global tropical weather and climate.

·        Will help to understand the behavior of Indian monsoons, cyclones & floods and droughts.

·        It will monitor the weather in short term and climate in long term in the tropical region of  the world.

·        It is a joint project of ISRO-French Space agency, Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES).

·        From an altitude of 867km the Megha-tropiques would help study, the rapidly developing weather systems in the tropical regions thus the indo useful not only to India but to all the countries in Indian Ocean region and other parts of the world.

·        Payloads of satellite
                                               I.          MADRAS (Microwave analysis & detection of Rain & Atmospheric Structures) built by CNES & ISRO will provide an estimation of rainfall, water vapour, liquid water, Ice & Surface liquid.
                                             II.          SCARAB (Scanner for radioactive budget) will study the radiation received and reflected back by earth.
                                            III.          SAPHIR (Sondeur Atmospherique du profil d’Humidite Interopicale par Radiometrie) will investigate the humidity present in the tropical atmoshphere.
                                            IV.          GPS-ROS (Global Positioning system – Radio Occultation system) from Italy will study the temperature & humidity at different altitudes.
Developed by SRM University Students in Chennai will help in understanding the global warming and pollution by studying the CO2 & CO present in the atmosphere.
               Integrated by IIT Kanpur students, Jugnu has a camera to take pictures of the earth to monitor  vegetation, reservoirs, lakes & ponds.
Luxemberg’s vessel sat will help in locating ships in the sea lanes of the world.

  • ü  IGNOU gets India’s First Sign language training centre the Indian Sign language Reasearch and traning centre devoted to the hearing impaired is supported by ministry of social justice and empowerment. First of its kind in India offering full time Teaching.
  • World’s Cheapest Tablet PC ‘Aakash’ costing Rs. 2276 was launched. It will be given to students after subsidizing the price by 50% said HRD minister Kapil Sibil. The tablet was manufactured by Datawind.
  • ü  T-50 Stealth Fighter Indo-Russian Joint venture makes its 1st public appearance. Half the price of its rival F-22 Raptor (US) India contribute 30% of its design, India’s biggest defence project till date estimated $10 billion.
  • ü  NASA’s Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter found titanium ore which is ten times richer than on earth.
  • ü  Country’s First Leopard Safari will come up at Bannerghatta Biological Park near Bangalore.
  • ü  Indian American Raj Dutt, An IIT Kharagpur alumini developed a next generation processor which consumes upto 90% less energy and run 60% faster by using photon instead of electrons for communication, US is testing its applications on this processor in the ambitious F-35 joint strike flights.
  • ü  World’s Biggers virus found in the sea off chile having more than 1000 genes the genome of megavirus chilensis is 6.5% bigger than DNA code of the previous virus record holder mimivirus in 2003.

Awards & Hohours

  • ü  Three Indo-American scientists honoured by Obama are Karthik A Srinivasan, Sumita Pennathur, Hari Shroff with Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers.
  • ü  Carnatic Vocalist Sanjay Subrahmanyan won The Indira Sivasailam Endownment Medal 2011.
  • ü  Sebatian Vetel (german) Won the Indian Grand Prix held at Buddh International Circuit.
  • ü  British Author Julian Barnes won Man Booker Prize one of the highest profile awards in English language literature, in the 4th attempt for his novel “ The sense of an Ending”.
  • ü  President Obama presents National Medal of Science to Srinivasa S R Varadhan of New York university and Rakesh Agarwal receives the National Medal of Technology for his innovations relating to liquefied gas production which have resulted in significant energy  & cost inefficiencies.
  • ü  Renowned Nephrologist Dr. M.K. Mani was given the 40th Dhanvantari Award for excellence in Medical services. Dr. Mani has won many prestigious awards like Padma bhusan, Ravindranath Tagore award and has 125 publications to his credit.

National & International

  • ü  Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs passed away at an age of 56.
  • ü  C-Programming language founder Dennis Ritchie Passed away at an age of 70.
  • ü  Kerala Tops in Human Development Index in the country.
  • ü  Baby Nargis, the world’s 7 billionth person, born in Uttar Pradesh on Monday(Oct 31st).
  • ü  Former Libyan strongman Muammer Qadhafi was killed on 20th October in a final assault by regime forces.
  • ü  World Mental Health Day – 10th October 2011.

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