Monday, October 24, 2011

Free Download Frontline magazine 4th November 2011


Here is the current issue of frontline magazine available for free download and some its  contests are,


WEST BENGAL: Mamata and the Maoists

TAMIL NADU: Justice for Vachathi

COMMUNALISM: Rudrapur riots: Khaki and saffron

NATURAL SCIENCE: Bees and beetles

JNANPITH AWARDS: Amar Kant and Srilal Shukla: Moral historians

Chandrashekar Kambar: Modern myth-maker

OBITUARY: Jagjit Singh: Timeless music

UNITED STATES: “Occupy” Wall Street

U.S. & PASKISTAN: Feuding allies

STATE VISIT: Hamid Karzai in India

BANGLADESH: Day of reckoning

U.S. STRIKE: Anwar al-Awlaki: Death by drone

UPDATE: Putin’s Eurasia plan

SCIENCE: Adaptive optics: For a true picture

OBITUARY: Steve Jobs: The genius of Apple

NOBEL PRIZE: Medicine: Immunity unraveled


Download Here this Issue

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