Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Current Affairs 20th September 2011, Tuesday


Current Affairs Update 20th September 2011


Kannada Writer Chandrasekar Kambar has been conferred the highest literary award in the country, Jnanpith for his overall contribution to literature. He is the 8th kannada writer to receive the award.


Bird Flu – H5 N1 – H stands for Haemagglutinin and N stands for neuraminidase and reassortment is a process where viruses are became better adapted to humans through mutation of genes with other flu virus.


PM heading to UN Summit at New York where PM scheduled to meet South Sudan’s PM Salva Kiir and Nepal’s PM Baburam Bhattarai.


Planet Neptune completed its 1st orbit (on 12th JULY 2011) Since its discovery. German Astronomer Johann Galle at the Berlin Observatory located Neptune on Sep 23, 1846, It takes 164.79 years to complete an orbit.

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