Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Free Download Frontline Magazine Oct 7,2011 Issue

Hi Friends Download Frontline Magazine Oct 7,2011 Issue here and some of the contents of current Issue are as follows,

War of terror
Costs of the war
West Asian dream gone awry
Pakistan's plight
India groping in the dark
Broken countries, broken economies
Gujarat pogrom: Over to trial court
Uttarakhand: Change of Chief Minister
Karnataka: Mine of scams
Jammu & Kashmir: Grave issue
Interview: Khurram Parvez
India & Bangladesh
Shared vision
Mamata's dampener
Sports Development Bill and the BCCI
Muthiah plea fails
Iraq: U.S. reluctant to go
Japan: Yet another Premier
South Africa: Fossil link to humans
Islamic heritage of India
The Judiciary
Justice Soumitra Sen resigns
Nuclear Issues Accent on safety
Cash-for-votes scam
Focus: Automobile Industry
Accelerated growth
Wheels of progress


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Current Affairs 20th September 2011, Tuesday


Current Affairs Update 20th September 2011


Kannada Writer Chandrasekar Kambar has been conferred the highest literary award in the country, Jnanpith for his overall contribution to literature. He is the 8th kannada writer to receive the award.


Bird Flu – H5 N1 – H stands for Haemagglutinin and N stands for neuraminidase and reassortment is a process where viruses are became better adapted to humans through mutation of genes with other flu virus.


PM heading to UN Summit at New York where PM scheduled to meet South Sudan’s PM Salva Kiir and Nepal’s PM Baburam Bhattarai.


Planet Neptune completed its 1st orbit (on 12th JULY 2011) Since its discovery. German Astronomer Johann Galle at the Berlin Observatory located Neptune on Sep 23, 1846, It takes 164.79 years to complete an orbit.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pratiyogita Darpan October 2011 Magazine Read Online

Here is the current issue of  Pratiyogita Darpan October 2011 Magazine free to read online and some of its contents of this issue are as follows

Indo-Bangladesh Relations New partnership
Indo-Nepal Relations
Mind your Body Language
Civil Services mains Exam - The great Philosophers: Kant and Rosseau
Land Revenue System: Backbone of Mughal Dynasty
From Digvijay to Divyaastra Strategy cold start
social exclusion and political violence in north east
Indo-Africa ties
Constitutional article Fundemental Rights
SSB For three wings of the armed forces what? How? Why?

Read Here this Issue

Free Download Civil Services Times September 2011 Magazine

Hi Friends Download  Civil Services Times September 2011 Magazine for free here

Download here this Issue

Free Download Civil Services Times August 2011 Magazine


Hi Friends Download Civil Services Times August 2011 Magazine here and some of this issue's contents are  as follows

DTAAs to curb black money
DTAAs: India signed with Tanzania
and Ethiopia
India and Singapore: Signed protocol to
amend DTAA
Japan: Reviewing energy policy
Syrian Conundrum: Wrong lessons from
Jasmine Revolution
European Union: CD on Chinese Paper
Portugal: EU-IMF bailout deal
World Bank Report: On new world order
India and US : $50m Fund clean technology
Britain: Referendum on voting
India and Australia: FTA talks for further integration
Iceland: Volcano erupts
Egypt: Opens Gaza Border Crossing
Tibet: Devolution of Political Powers
Germany: Abandonment of nuclear ene
Yemen: Instability looming large
India and Pakistan: Demilitarisation of Siachen
USA: Extends Patriot Act
India and Russia: War games
Samoa: Shift back west of International Date Line
India and Afghanistan: MoU on IT
Turkey: Summit on LDCs

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Free Download Frontline Magazine September 9th and 23rd, 2011 Issue

Download current Issue of frontline here and some of the contents of this issue are

OBC's in education clearing the mist injustice undone
Food security Dividing the poor
Nepal touch agenda
Srilanka End of emergency
Syria Testing Time
Somalia Starving Nation Victims of agent orange Lethal impact
Art and Architecture of insects
Film censorship and the state
Memorial for Noor Inayat Khan
Rajiv assassination case Reprieve from death
Libya profits of war
Electoral Democracy
The elusive God Particle
Now Pashchimbanga