Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Frontline magazine July 16 - 29, 2011 free download


Hi friends here is the current Issue of frontline magazine available for free download and here are the contents of this issue


POLITICS: Telangana on the boil

LEGISLATION: Communal violence: Bill of contention

KARNATAKA: Posco in south

Licence to loot

HIGHER EDUCATION: Supreme court on state’s role

RTI: CBI beyond enquiry

WILDLIFE: Elephants on the rampage

Securing the future

Attacks in 2011

ART: A Tagore show

SOCIAL ISSUES: Ambedkar on annihilating caste

LABOUR ISSUES: Vague promises to domestic workers

SPOTLIGHT: Human skulls & Dharwad’s puzzle

OBITUARY: Mani Kaul: Master of the visual

TRIBUTE: SAHMAT show on M.F. Husain

CONTROVERSY: Sai Baba trust: Pandora’s box?

KERALA: Hidden treasure in Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple Key to history

Interview: K.N. Panikkar

THAILAND: Historic win for a Shinawatra

BANGLADESH: Retaining faith in the Constitution

AFGHANISTAN: Beating the retreat?

UNITED STATES: The ‘war’ in Libya

FRANCE: International meet of trade unions

MEDICINE: Exit rinderpest

TENNIS: Making of Djokovic

Bhaskar Ghose: Poor track record

R.K. Raghavan: Policing pressures


Download here this Issue

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