Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Frontline Magazine July 02 - 15, 2011 Issue free download here


Hi Friends , Here is the current Issue of Frontline Magazine available for download  and the contents of this issue are


·         Right to Education Act

·         HIGHER EDUCATION: Semesters: Delhi University’s costly haste

·         Unrealistic cut-off marks

·         LEGISLATION: Lokpal Bill draft: Poles apart

·         CRIME: Midday murder

·         WEST BENGAL: Singur imbroglio

·         MAHARASHTRA: Political realignment

·         UTTARKHAND: The unsung baba

·         ART: Politics of the visual

·         LIVELIHOOD ISSUES: Sericulture: Hanging by a thread in Karnataka

·         ESSAY: Culture & the making of a nation

·         DEVELOPMENT ISSUES: Posco: Tactical retreat

·         LABOUR ISSUES: Maruti workers’ struggle for a union

·         UPDATE: IMF warning for eurozone

·         AL QAEDA: A new chief and a warning

·         EAST ASIA: Disputes over South China Sea

·         JAPAN: Aftermath of Fukushima

·         UPDATE: Food going out of reach

·         PERU: Taking a Left turn

·         TURKEY: Historic win for Erdogan

·         REPORTS: Equality at work: ILO’s global alert

·         SPACE: Cosmic crash

·         Portal to freedom

·         Interview: V.N. Rajasekharan Pillai, Vice-Chancellor

·         C.P. Chandrasekhar: Gassing the state

·         Bhaskar Ghose: Rain rigmarole

·         Praful Bidwai: Nuclear or broke

·         R.K. Raghavan: A toothless Lokpal?

Download here this issue

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