Sunday, May 1, 2011

Frontline Magazine April 23 to May 06, 2011 Free download here

Hi Friends here is the current Issue of frontline magazine available for download and here are the contents of this current issue

  • TAMIL NADU: Was there a wave?
  • E.C.’s battle
  • WEST BENGAL: Winds of change
  • ASSAM: Close contest
  • KERALA: Neck and neck 
  • CONTROVERSY: Book on Gandhi
  • LEGISLATION: Two anti-labour laws
  • ART: Anil Karanjai’s landscapes
  • CRICKET: Lords at Wankhede
  • INTERVIEW: Angela Davis, U.S. civil rights activist
  • CENSUS 2011: Positive signals
  • GOVERNANCE: Tax waiver for ICC
  • EXCELLENCE: Abel Prize winner John Willard Milnor
  • JAPAN: French visit
  • UNITED STATES: New Orleans, six years after Katrina
  • IVORY COAST: France’s adventure
  • WEST ASIA: Israel at it again 
Download here this Issue