Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free Download Frontline Magazine May 21 - June 03


Download here the Frontline magazine current issue and here are the contents of this issue


ART: Satish Gujral’s golden silence

INTERVIEW: R.K. Sinha, Director, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

SOCIAL ISSUES: Tamil Nadu: Rule of ‘katta panchayats’

Feudal roots

AYODHYA: Supreme Court stay

CIVIL AVIATION: Pain of merger

Interview: Vayalar Ravi

DGCA under a cloud

BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY: Conflicting signals

CONTROVERSY: Final push for Posco project

Endosulfan: Lethal mix

ARUNACHAL PRADESH: Crash in the hills

DEVELOPMENT ISSUES: Uttar Pradesh: Farmers’ fight for land

TERRORISM: Osama bin Laden: Reviving a demon

Pakistan: Groping for answers

Stopped by self-doubt

U.S.: Osama Stimulus

Qaddafi next

WEST ASIA: Palestine entente

MALDIVES: A wake-up call

SYRIA: Tough target

SINGAPORE: New realities

CHINA: Charm offensive in South Asia

JAPAN: Sombre spring

Ordeal of the aged

Unresolved nuclear crisis

TRAVEL: Sri Lanka: A trek to Sri Pada

C.P. Chandrasekhar: Wrong instrument

Bhaskar Ghose: Destroying an airline

Praful Bidwai: A test for India

R.K. Raghavan: Unfinished tasks


Download here this issue

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Frontline Magazine April 23 to May 06, 2011 Free download here

Hi Friends here is the current Issue of frontline magazine available for download and here are the contents of this current issue

  • TAMIL NADU: Was there a wave?
  • E.C.’s battle
  • WEST BENGAL: Winds of change
  • ASSAM: Close contest
  • KERALA: Neck and neck 
  • CONTROVERSY: Book on Gandhi
  • LEGISLATION: Two anti-labour laws
  • ART: Anil Karanjai’s landscapes
  • CRICKET: Lords at Wankhede
  • INTERVIEW: Angela Davis, U.S. civil rights activist
  • CENSUS 2011: Positive signals
  • GOVERNANCE: Tax waiver for ICC
  • EXCELLENCE: Abel Prize winner John Willard Milnor
  • JAPAN: French visit
  • UNITED STATES: New Orleans, six years after Katrina
  • IVORY COAST: France’s adventure
  • WEST ASIA: Israel at it again 
Download here this Issue