Monday, March 28, 2011

Frontline Magazine March 26 - April 08 2011 Free download


Hi Friends here is the current Issue of Frontline magazine available for download and the contents of this

Issue is as follows



·         CVD issue: BJP’s two voices

·         Judiciary’s role

·         Not so activist


·         Tamil Nadu: Caste in graveyards

·         Local initiatives

·         Ancient tradition

·         ESSAY: Budget and social justice

·         ART HISTORY: The rich tradition of Tamil Nadu

·         PHOTOGRAPHY:  Valaya’s art: The regal & the real

·         GENDER ISSUES: Domestic violence and new concerns

·         Haryana: reverse reservation

·         DEBATE: The euthanasia question

·         Interview: Pinki Virani

·         PUBLIC HEALTH: Jodhpur: Mothers as victims

·         EVENTS: World Kannada conference

·         Congress on slippery ground

·         Kerala: The Achuthanandan factor

·         Tamil Nadu: Troubled alliances

·         West Bengal: Close contest

·         Assam: Tough battle

·         PAKISTAN: Fear regins  

·         WEST ASIA: U.S. arms market and oil

·         UPDATE: GM fights banana disease

·         IVORY COAST: Threat of civil war

·         C.P. Chandrasekhar: The rise of China

·         Jayathi Ghosh: Socialist & feminist?

·         Bhaskar Ghose: towards oligarchy

·         Praful Bidwai: Warning signals

·         R.K. Raghavan: Urban challenges


Download Here this Issue