Thursday, March 3, 2011

Frontline Magazine February 26 - March 11 Free Download

Dear Friends here is the current Issue of frontline magazine available for free download and here are the contents of this issue

·         POLITICS: Andhra Pradesh: PRP-Congress merger
·         KERALA: Rash of scandals
·         WEST BENGAL: Chaos in Darjeeling Hills
·         ORISSA: Resisting the Posco project
·         MAHARASHTRA: An oil scam
·         A case of corruption
·         CONTROVERSY: Binayak Sen: A tale of two cases
·         LIVELIHOOD ISSUES: Forest Rights Act: Promises unfulfilled
·         ESSAY: Lobbyists and the law
·         PERSPECTIVE: The judiciary: Time for transformation
·         Was there a renaissance in India?
·         WEST ASIA: Egypt: What next?
·         Revolutionary tide
·         UPDATE: U.K.: Spying on activists
·         SOUTHEAST ASIA: Temple tension on the Thai-Cambodia border
·         PAKISTAN: The case of Raymond Davis
·         TIBETANS IN EXILE: Karmapa questioned
·         MYANMAR: In civilian garb
·         RENEWABLE ENERGY: Germany’s green power
·         SCIENCE: Hubble: A mirror to space
·         Bhaskar Ghose: Spiritual & immoral
·         Praful Bidwai: NAC undermined
·         R.K. Raghavan: A bold order
·         Jayati Ghosh: The cash option
·         Technology giant
·         ‘Desert Ferrari’ and more
·         Wonder shrub
·         Lofty vision
·         Quality as hallmark
·         A brand in education

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