Monday, March 28, 2011

Frontline Magazine March 26 - April 08 2011 Free download


Hi Friends here is the current Issue of Frontline magazine available for download and the contents of this

Issue is as follows



·         CVD issue: BJP’s two voices

·         Judiciary’s role

·         Not so activist


·         Tamil Nadu: Caste in graveyards

·         Local initiatives

·         Ancient tradition

·         ESSAY: Budget and social justice

·         ART HISTORY: The rich tradition of Tamil Nadu

·         PHOTOGRAPHY:  Valaya’s art: The regal & the real

·         GENDER ISSUES: Domestic violence and new concerns

·         Haryana: reverse reservation

·         DEBATE: The euthanasia question

·         Interview: Pinki Virani

·         PUBLIC HEALTH: Jodhpur: Mothers as victims

·         EVENTS: World Kannada conference

·         Congress on slippery ground

·         Kerala: The Achuthanandan factor

·         Tamil Nadu: Troubled alliances

·         West Bengal: Close contest

·         Assam: Tough battle

·         PAKISTAN: Fear regins  

·         WEST ASIA: U.S. arms market and oil

·         UPDATE: GM fights banana disease

·         IVORY COAST: Threat of civil war

·         C.P. Chandrasekhar: The rise of China

·         Jayathi Ghosh: Socialist & feminist?

·         Bhaskar Ghose: towards oligarchy

·         Praful Bidwai: Warning signals

·         R.K. Raghavan: Urban challenges


Download Here this Issue

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pratiyogita Darpan Magazine April 2011 Issue read here

Here is April 2011 Issue of Pratiyogita Darpan Available to read online for free
some of the contents of this Issue are as follows

  • Railway Budget 2011-2012
  • Economic survey 2010-2011
  • Union Budget 2011-2012   
  • Mainstreaming the Cause of LDC's
  • G-20 Coming of age
  • Leadership is to Personality what an Engine is to a Car
  • Global Economic crisis and its impact on Indian economy
  • Right to Information as a Tool of Good Governance
  • Korean Peninsula World's Tensest Flashpoint
  • Obama India visit takes Indo-US Relations to a new High
  • Research and development programmes Related to welfare of minorities An overview

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Frontline Magazine February 26 - March 11 Free Download

Dear Friends here is the current Issue of frontline magazine available for free download and here are the contents of this issue

·         POLITICS: Andhra Pradesh: PRP-Congress merger
·         KERALA: Rash of scandals
·         WEST BENGAL: Chaos in Darjeeling Hills
·         ORISSA: Resisting the Posco project
·         MAHARASHTRA: An oil scam
·         A case of corruption
·         CONTROVERSY: Binayak Sen: A tale of two cases
·         LIVELIHOOD ISSUES: Forest Rights Act: Promises unfulfilled
·         ESSAY: Lobbyists and the law
·         PERSPECTIVE: The judiciary: Time for transformation
·         Was there a renaissance in India?
·         WEST ASIA: Egypt: What next?
·         Revolutionary tide
·         UPDATE: U.K.: Spying on activists
·         SOUTHEAST ASIA: Temple tension on the Thai-Cambodia border
·         PAKISTAN: The case of Raymond Davis
·         TIBETANS IN EXILE: Karmapa questioned
·         MYANMAR: In civilian garb
·         RENEWABLE ENERGY: Germany’s green power
·         SCIENCE: Hubble: A mirror to space
·         Bhaskar Ghose: Spiritual & immoral
·         Praful Bidwai: NAC undermined
·         R.K. Raghavan: A bold order
·         Jayati Ghosh: The cash option
·         Technology giant
·         ‘Desert Ferrari’ and more
·         Wonder shrub
·         Lofty vision
·         Quality as hallmark
·         A brand in education