Monday, February 14, 2011

Frontline Magazine February 12-25, 2011 Free download

Here is the current issue of Frontline magazine and the contents of this issue are as follows.

    * Cover story Egyptian upheaval
    * OBITUARY: Bhimsen Joshi: Musical genius
    * Interview: Pandit Vijay Kichlu
    * SOCIAL ISSUES: Tamil Nadu: Woes of Dalit Christians
    * Novel representation
    * Haryana: Arson against Dalits
    * COMMUNALISM: Graham Staines case: Courting criticism
    * THE JUDICIARY: Talking judges
    * Television and the public good
    * Bacon and judges
    * EXHIBITION: Cuba through the lens of Rodrigo Moya
    * TECHNOLOGY: New alloy to steel rails
    * REPORTS: Labour’s loss
    * UPDATE: Communal attacks justified
    * INDIA & INDONESIA: New equations
    * UPDATE: BBC cuts back World Service
    * HAITI: Falling off the map
    * UPDATE: Green tax in China
    * C.P. Chandrasekhar: Teaser mania
    * Bhaskar Ghose: Unrest and democracy
    * Praful Bidwai: Scorching the earth
    * R.K. Raghavan: Of crime mapping
    * Surging ahead
    * Interview Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu
    * Interview: General J.J. Singh, Governor
    * Going international
    * Home away from home
    * Multiple choices
    * Excellence personified

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