Thursday, February 3, 2011

Frontline Magazine 29 Jan - 11 Feb 2011 free download


Frontline Magazine 29 Jan – 11 Feb 2011  free download


Dear Friends, Here is the Current Issue of Frontline Magazine dated 29 Jan – 11 Feb 2011 available for download and below you can fine the contents of this issue


    * CBI: Political tool

    * THE BOFORS SCANDAL: Caught in tax net

    * LEGISLATION: Redefining torture

    * SOCIAL JUSTICE: Mumbai’s miracle couriers

    * SPORT: Cricket bazaar

    * DEVELOPMENT ISSUES: Konkan coast under threat

    * ESSAY: Make Ministers pay

    * PUBLIC HEALTH Leucoderma: A step against stigma

    * TERRORISM: Swami Aseemanand’s confession

    * The fall guys

    * CONTROVERSY: Kapil Sibal and the CAG report

    * NREGS: Wages of tokenism

    * CRIME: Aarushi Talwar case

    * ANDHRA PRADESH: Telangana’s unity option

    * Capital concerns

    * KERALA: Tragedy at Sabarimala

    * UNITED STATES: Guns of Arizona

    * SUDAN: Referendum on split

    * EAST ASIA: American twist

    * ISRAEL: Project Jerusalem

    * EL SALVADOR: Elephant link with India

    * INTERVIEW: Carlos Alzugaray Treto, Cuban diplomat

    * TRAVEL: The Grand Canyon

    * Bhaskar Ghose: Growing concerns

    * Praful Bidwai: A nuclear Enron?

    * R.K. Raghavan: Protecting women

Download here this Issue


  1. Hi Aravind check the link which is Red in color at the bottom named "Download here this issue" Its working fine checked.