Monday, February 21, 2011

What is stuxnet worm and what does it do

Stuxnet worm is a malicious program which basically targets nuclear reactors (especially Iran's nuclear reactors)by making drastic changes in rotational speeds of the motors shifting the speeds of motors rapidly up and down thereby creating a disaster. 

Stuxnet objective was to take over the frequency converters which changes the frequency to control the speeds of the motors. It increases the frequency of power supply to the centrifuges so that it will spin faster to reach very high frequency enough to blast centrifuges. The code of stuxnet was written in a manner that targets the frequency converters made by two companies Fararo  payer and vacon.

Civil Services Preliminary / Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) 2011 Notification came, 880 vacancies, last date 21st march 2011

Dear Friends, The much awaited notification for Civil Services Aptitude Test 2011 was on the UPSC website. The preliminary exam was scheduled on 12th June 2011 and the last date for receipt of applications was 21st March 2011. Download here the Notification in PDF. 

We all know there are two papers which are common to all and there are no optional second paper in prelims each paper carries 200 marks.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Pratiyogita Darpan magazine March 2011 free to read online

Here is the current issue of Pratiyogita Darpan March 2011 free to  read online and
the contents of this issue are

·         European union and India consolidating partnership
·         Referendum in sudan
·         Civil Services Examination 2011 with grip on the touch announce your presence
·         Leadership is to peresonality what an engine is to a car
·         Convergence of International finanacial reporting standards: Issues and Challenges
·         Towards a global 21st century US-NATO 'Strategic Defence Initiative' star wars
·         SSB: Fort three wings of the armed forced what? How? and Why?
·         G-20 Seoul Summit: Relevance and Prospects
·         Nuclear 'Power to Destroy or Power to Build'
·         Should Attempt to suicide be Decriminalised?
·         Countries of the world at a glance: Kazakhstan
·         Present status, Growth and New Initiatives of food processing sector Highlights

Frontline Magazine February 12-25, 2011 Free download

Here is the current issue of Frontline magazine and the contents of this issue are as follows.

    * Cover story Egyptian upheaval
    * OBITUARY: Bhimsen Joshi: Musical genius
    * Interview: Pandit Vijay Kichlu
    * SOCIAL ISSUES: Tamil Nadu: Woes of Dalit Christians
    * Novel representation
    * Haryana: Arson against Dalits
    * COMMUNALISM: Graham Staines case: Courting criticism
    * THE JUDICIARY: Talking judges
    * Television and the public good
    * Bacon and judges
    * EXHIBITION: Cuba through the lens of Rodrigo Moya
    * TECHNOLOGY: New alloy to steel rails
    * REPORTS: Labour’s loss
    * UPDATE: Communal attacks justified
    * INDIA & INDONESIA: New equations
    * UPDATE: BBC cuts back World Service
    * HAITI: Falling off the map
    * UPDATE: Green tax in China
    * C.P. Chandrasekhar: Teaser mania
    * Bhaskar Ghose: Unrest and democracy
    * Praful Bidwai: Scorching the earth
    * R.K. Raghavan: Of crime mapping
    * Surging ahead
    * Interview Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu
    * Interview: General J.J. Singh, Governor
    * Going international
    * Home away from home
    * Multiple choices
    * Excellence personified

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Frontline Magazine 29 Jan - 11 Feb 2011 free download


Frontline Magazine 29 Jan – 11 Feb 2011  free download


Dear Friends, Here is the Current Issue of Frontline Magazine dated 29 Jan – 11 Feb 2011 available for download and below you can fine the contents of this issue


    * CBI: Political tool

    * THE BOFORS SCANDAL: Caught in tax net

    * LEGISLATION: Redefining torture

    * SOCIAL JUSTICE: Mumbai’s miracle couriers

    * SPORT: Cricket bazaar

    * DEVELOPMENT ISSUES: Konkan coast under threat

    * ESSAY: Make Ministers pay

    * PUBLIC HEALTH Leucoderma: A step against stigma

    * TERRORISM: Swami Aseemanand’s confession

    * The fall guys

    * CONTROVERSY: Kapil Sibal and the CAG report

    * NREGS: Wages of tokenism

    * CRIME: Aarushi Talwar case

    * ANDHRA PRADESH: Telangana’s unity option

    * Capital concerns

    * KERALA: Tragedy at Sabarimala

    * UNITED STATES: Guns of Arizona

    * SUDAN: Referendum on split

    * EAST ASIA: American twist

    * ISRAEL: Project Jerusalem

    * EL SALVADOR: Elephant link with India

    * INTERVIEW: Carlos Alzugaray Treto, Cuban diplomat

    * TRAVEL: The Grand Canyon

    * Bhaskar Ghose: Growing concerns

    * Praful Bidwai: A nuclear Enron?

    * R.K. Raghavan: Protecting women

Download here this Issue