Saturday, December 25, 2010

Frontline Magazine December 18-31 download here for free

Here is the current issue of Frontline Magazine December 18-31 available for free download , some of the contents of this issue are as follows

    * COMMUNALISM: Uneasy calm in Ayodhya
    * UPDATE: TIRUPUR: Central panel hears workers’ woes
    * TAMIL NADU: Monsoon misery
    * ANDHRA PRADESH: In a state of flux
    * Veteran novice at the helm
    * CVC: Choice challenged
    * THE JUDICIARY: A case of freedom
    * Of Kashmir and other struggles
    * LABOUR ISSUES: Ghaziabad : Lives on contract
    * WILDLIFE: Vignettes of the wild
    * ESSAY: Power play
    * LIVELIHOOD ISSUES: Soligas losing their homes
    * OBITUARY: Bhagwan Das
    * Dashrath Patel
    * KOREAN PENINSULA : Crossing the limit
    * UPDATE: MEXICO : Women in drug cartels
    * TONGA : Winds of change
    * INTERVIEW: Noam Chomsky
    * EGYPT : Election victory by design
    * SCIENCE: Arsenic life?
    * UPDATE: Racist Rabbis
    * C.P. Chandrasekhar: Bailout bonanza
    * Bhaskar Ghose: Who should be CVC
    * Praful Bidwai: Credibility in peril
    * R.K. Raghavan: Politicising the police
    * Jayati Ghosh: Strange story of Single Market 

Download this issue here 

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