Thursday, August 12, 2010

Frontline Magazine jul 31 - Aug 13 Free download

Frontline Jul 31st - Aug 13 Download it free here are the contents of this issue

  • POLITICS: Karnataka: Mines and Ministers
  • Drain of wealth
  • SOCIAL ISSUES: Gaps in the Khairlanji story
  • CONTROVERSY: Blow to ban on Shivaji book
  • An icon as a political tool
  • RIGHT TO INFORMATION: Built-in blocks
  • ENVIRONMENT: A poisoned beach in Gujarat
  • ESSAY: Talkative generals
  • Revealing conversation
  • Frankly speaking
  • DEVELOPMENT ISSUES: Threat to a poor man’s mall
  • SCIENCE: Sizing up the proton
  • Interview: Theodore Wolfgang Hansch
  • SRI LANKA : Under U.N. pressure
  • WEST ASIA : Threat of war
  • U.S.-IRAN: A diplomatic fiasco
  • UNITED STATES: Dilemma over nuclear Israel
  • EAST ASIA: India ’s rising status
  • ART: Collage of life
  • UPDATE: New U.S. sanctions on North Korea
  • INDIA & PAKISTAN : The trust deficit
  • A known non-starter 
Download here Frontline Jul 31- Aug 13 Issue

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