Thursday, August 26, 2010

Download Frontline Magazine Aug 28 - Sep 10 Issue

Free Download Frontline Magazine Aug 28 -  Sep 10 Issue  here are some of the contents of this issue,
  • WEST BENGAL : Fair-weather friends
  • HARYANA: Conviction of Dalits’ killers
  • ORISSA: Living in fear in Kandhamal
  • TRAVEL: A paradise in ferment
  • THEATRE: Interview with Jisha Menon
  • ESSAY: Kak and Sheikh
  • LIVELIHOOD ISSUES: Orissa: Reluctant migrants
  • Ponds on paper
  • CENSUS 2011: The caste factor
  • CONTROVERSY: Commonwealth Games: Mega scam
  • JAMMU & KASHMIR: On the boil
  • For the healing touch
  • DEVELOPMENT ISSUES: Uttar Pradesh: Farmers on the warpath
  • NATURAL DISASTER: Pakistan : Fury of the Indus
  • WEST ASIA : Building tensions
  • SRI LANKA : Gen. Fonseka indicted
  • IRAQ : Crude reality
  • Update: Hunger and profits
  • KOSOVO: Blow for separatism
  • SPACE: Man for Mars
  • UPDATE: China overtakes Japan
  • UPDATE: Latin America : Creating another world 
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